Golden Freddy, Fredbear
Animatronic Bear
Five Nights at Freddy's
None, Possibly Fredbear

Goldie is a mysterious animatronic in all FNaF games. He is a golden counterpart for Freddy Fazbear.

Appearance Edit

Golden Freddy has a very similar appearance to Freddy, excluding he has no eyes and is golden. His hat is blue and so do his tie. He appears to sit down all time, with a microphone on his right hand.

In the second game, Goldie is more shorter than he did in the last game. He is more golden now and has a black hat and tie rather than being blue.

Personality Edit

FNaF Edit

Goldie is most likely to be an easter egg in the first game, because if you look on his poster he will immediately slumped in your office after you put down the monitor. This does makes people went "WTF", but if you put up the monitor he will disappear. If he jumpscares you, your game will crash.

FNaF2 Edit

Goldie is active only starting on Night 6. If you saw his disembodied head at the hall in front of you, don't flash your light too often or too long, he can even jumpscare you from there. Golden Freddy will sometimes get in the office. Using the Freddy head will also make him get away.

Other Characters Edit

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