Mei Ling

Mei ling



Yang Mei Ling
Life Stage
Close Relations
Mei Hua(younger sister)
1S&2Ps, F4XY
Mei Hua, you are my sister, I shouldn't leave you alone. We're abandoned
— Mei Ling said to Mei Hua

Mei Ling is Mei Hua's older sister. She is also a gargoyle.

History Edit

Mei Ling lives in China with her family. After Mei Hua is born, her mother died due to illness, and her father abandoned them when Mei Ling was just 5 and Mei Hua was only 2. Mei Ling takes over her parents' roles to look after Mei Hua. Since abandoned, she transforms into a young dragon and took Mei Hua to a cave, after leaving China using her wings alone.

She is always Mei Hua's guardian, she teaches Mei Hua to fly and try to make herself and her sister happy.

Personality Edit

Mei Ling's behavior is very much like Simba or Mufasa from the Lion King. She is very strong and protects her sister when they come into danger. Unlike Mei Hua, she is very brave and can fly higher that she could. She is very fierce and indipedent.

As a dragon, she is very uneasily giving up. Her strength is unlimited and powerful. She don't stick her tongue as common as her sister is.

Appearance Edit

Mei Ling's hair is reddish brown and has the same hairstyle as Mei Hua, except for her little ponytail. Her eyes are green. Like her sister, her skin is dark peach when she is a human

Once she changed into a gargoyle, her skin changes into peachy red, and grows horns, a tail and wings.

As a dragon, two spikes come out for both her cheeks. She remains her green eyes, and grows anything that has on her form.

Other Characters Edit

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