Rosary Gray
Possibly None
Life Stage
1S&2Ps, F4XY
Currently Unknown

Rosary is a werewolf that makes an appearance in Laflora Princess Academy comics as a human. She is the only character to have only two forms as a werewolf rather than three.

Personality Edit

Rosary as a human doesn't like to be a human too much. She is attracted to the dark and the moon but feared by the light shined on her. She said that a torchlight's shining will transform her into her wolf form and waiting a few moments before changing back to human whenever she wants.

She likes jumping and hiding as a wolf. She doesn't hunt for three days, because she usually eats a large amount of a very big animals. She is always saving her food and barely shares. She does not hunt little animals.

Appearance Edit

She has a blue boyish-haircut, with yellow hair for the frontal site. She has blue eyes and wears a collar. The collar is possibly controlling her transformations.

When she is a wolf, her hair becomes fur and her fur is covering her body. She has yellow highlighting for her mouth, cheeks, her stomach all the way to her tail. Her collar remains there as the only accessory left on her.

Other Characters Edit

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