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Tiwa Putpitya
Life Stage
1S&2Ps, F4XY

Tiwa is a character from 1S&2Ps & Laflora Princess Academy comics. She is now a sphinx and she doesn't really like humans.

History Edit

Tiwa is from Thailand and she flies all the way from there to Malaysia, F4xVille. She flew here when she is independent enough to live on her own, but she lacking a residence is a problem. She finds F4XY and he gave her a wooden house, fulfilled with the furniture of it's own. The house doesn't seem too small for her, but it is located next to Mei Hua's cave.

Personality Edit

Tiwa does like flying, but her wings are limited in control. Unlike her friend Mei Hua, she cannot change into a complete animal or something, she only has two forms. Tiwa is an omnivore and eats almost everything except for bigger animals. She seems to eat wolves too, but she doesn't ate one before. She has an ability to walk on clouds.

She doesn't like violent so much, as she has another idea for hunting instead of killing them of her own. She usually set traps and already know what will happen to her prey.

Appearance Edit

Tiwa has long dark red hair that needs a ponytail, her skin is almost pale. She has red eyes, a golden rubberband that ties up her hair with a "feather" sticking out.

As a sphinx, she has arms of an eagle's legs, and legs and tail of a lion. She also grows black cat ears. The transformation she's gone rips her clothes for a bit.

Other Characters Edit

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